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  • DrinkMeThankYouBB

    The crew sends out their biggest thanks to Drink Me Magazine. We were recently named their Brewery of the Year for 2014. Along with this honor they also named Polish Moon, Louie’s and O-Gii as 3 of their top 150 beers of the year.

  • Louie’s Resurrection has won gold at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beer. Check out more about Resurrection….

  • These 750’s are out in stores now!

beer spotlight
Louie’s Resurrection

Louie’s Resurrection is one of the most anticipated beer releases we have all year. If you see it, try it!

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Events Around Town:

Horse and Plow Monday Night Football Feature, November 24th

Black Friday Brewfest @ Harley Davidson Museum, November 28th

Volcano Choir Pre Show Sampling, November 30th

Louie's Resurrection Night @ World of Beer Tosa, December 4th

Down by the brewery
Black Friday Tours

Black Friday tours are officially posted. Come celebrate all those awesome deals you just scored. We’ll have tours on the half hour starting at 1:00 and with our last public tour at 6:30. Need beer for turkey

Louie’s Resurrection Wins Gold!

Louie’s Resurrection is gold! Seriously! Resurrection won gold this weekend at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beer. We couldn’t be happier. Hope you all enjoy!

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