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  • New to our year round line up, Litta Bitta is a sessionable white IPA infused with a litta bitta fresh lemongrass for an inviting light pepper and fresh citrus aroma.

  • Louie’s Resurrection has won gold at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beer. Check out more about Resurrection….

  • These 750’s are out in stores now!

beer spotlight
Weekend @ Louie’s

Spring is in the air! Weekend @ Louie’s is out and this year’s batch is delicious. This sessionable version of Louie’s Demise is brewed with Rishi’s blueberry rooibos tea to make it that much more refreshing.

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6/6 World of Beer Fest

6/19 Geneva Inn Beer Dinner

6/20 Wisconsin Beer Lovers Fest

6/20 Door County Beer Fest

6/27 Appleton Ale Fest

Down by the brewery
Wisconsin Beer Lovers Fest June 20th

The Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival is the premier beer and food pairing event of the Summer for Wisconsinites and Visitors from all over the US. DRAFT Magazine has partnered with the Wisconsin Brewers Guild, the City

Wisconsin Brewer’s Guild Rare Beer Festival

After a long rest in the brewer’s cellar, it’s time to share the most closely guarded of Wisconsin’s finest fermented treasures…

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