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  • DrinkMeThankYouBB

    The crew sends out their biggest thanks to Drink Me Magazine. We were recently named their Brewery of the Year for 2014. Along with this honor they also named Polish Moon, Louie’s and O-Gii as 3 of their top 150 beers of the year.

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Perfect for a chilly fall day.

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Events Around Town:

Yelp's Battle at Best Place October 16th

Field Report Pre Show Sampling at Turner Hall October 22nd

Circa 1880 Beer Dinner October 29th

Hilton Garden Inn Beer Dinner October 30th

Louie's Resurrection Night at World of Beer Tosa November 13th

Down by the brewery
Louie’s Resurrection

One of the perks of working at a brewery is getting a taste of what’s coming up before anyone else. Most recently we tasted this year’s batch of Louie’s Resurrection. We’re really excited about this versions

Briess Barley Harvest

We feel so lucky to be only 80 miles from this world class malt operation. With everyone focused on the hop harvest this time of year, we’re taking a moment to celebrate barley that’s grown on American soil and malted in the great state of Wisconsin. Enjoy the beautiful barley footage.

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“Have you ever tried to drink and skate?”
“Well, I s’pose…”
“Could someone help me up?”
“Thirsty? Why wait? Grab a beer bucket.”
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