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    The crew sends out their biggest thanks to Drink Me Magazine. We were recently named their Brewery of the Year for 2014. Along with this honor they also named Polish Moon, Louie’s and O-Gii as 3 of their top 150 beers of the year.

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Perfect for a chilly fall day.

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Events Around Town:

Delta Spirit Pre Show Sampling at Turner Hall October 14th

Yelp's Battle at Best Place October 16th

Circa 1880 Beer Dinner October 22nd

Hilton Garden Inn Beer Dinner October 30th

Down by the brewery
What is Destination Local?

Some of the finest craft beers in the country can be found right here in the Midwest. “Buying Local” no longer means around the corner or across town. We want to take craft beer drinkers on a journey with different styles of beer by pushing the boundaries with barrel aging and utilizing unique blends of malts, hops and spice. The Destination Local series is a true artisanal approach to craft brewing. Small, hand- crafted, limited release batches where you can explore different styles without ever checking a bag or sitting in the dreaded middle seat.

Litta Bitta Love!

Draft Magazine is sending some love to Litta Bitta. New to the 2014 seasonal line up, Litta Bitta was one of our favorite brews to sip at the end of a long day. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can expect it back in 2015! Check out the article.

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