Pints for Prostates

-1 We’re teaming up with Pints for Prostates for their #CrownsforaCure campaign, a program designed to start conversations about men’s health when guys get together to relax and enjoy a beer.

Pints for Prostates Crowns for a Cure is distributing more than 1.6 million bottle caps – known in the beverage trade as crowns – to craft brewers around the country to use on beer they package for distribution during September, which is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The crowns feature the Pints for Prostates logo on the outside, with messages under the caps designed to encourage men to learn more about the importance of regular health screenings. MKE Brewing is the only brewing in Wisconsin participating.

“We are partnering with some great breweries to put a reminder in the hands of men to take charge of their health,” said Rick Lyke, a prostate cancer survivor who started Pints for Prostates in 2008 after successful treatment for the disease. “After a successful trial of the program in 2015, we know these bottle caps will start thousands of conversations and encourage guys to talk with their doctors about scheduling health screenings.”

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