Crate Club

Join Crate Club!

In support of the values we were founded on the MKE Brewing Crate Club is a continuation of our, “Green Brewing” initiative, and allows us to avoid wasteful packaging, fuel and other materials by providing bottled product straight off the line.

Once a month, MKE Brewing invites all crate club members to bring their crates in to fill up and mix ‘n match with available bottles. Depending on seasonal availability, different bottled product varieties will be available each month, and may include occasional offerings from the destination local series. Become one of our loyal crate club customers, and reap the benefits! Crate Club members will receive an invitation to monthly crate club events to fill up crate with 20 of the available bottles for just $15!

Crate Fills run 4-8PM every month, with the bar and grill opening beforehand. Come early and grab a beer while you wait!

Member Benefits:

  • $5 Per Crate (each crate holds 20 bottles of beer)
  • Fill up your crate with 20 of the available bottles for just $15
  • Access to limited release beers
  • Unique merch/apparel throughout the year
  • Bring your crate back and re-use each month
  • Go Green with MKE!

Join Crate Club

Stop by at the next Crate Club Meeting to purchase your reusable MKE Brewing crate.  We'll take your name, contact info, and $5 for the crate. You can buy and register as many crates as you’d like, and can fill each up one time per month.

Crate Club FAQ's

  • Can I bring my own crate?

    A branded MKE Brewing crate is required for any fill-ups. This is your ticket into each meeting.

  • Can I purchase more than one crate?

    Yes, you can register as many crates as you'd like. Each crate is $5, and can be filled one time per meeting.  We do not offer bulk discounts on crate purchases.

  • How many times can I fill my crate per meeting?

    You can fill each crate one time per meeting. If you'd like to fill additional crates, you must purchase and register additional crates.

  • When can a crate be purchased?

    You can purchase a crate at any Crate Club Meeting. At this time, we are only offering monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of every month. As the program grows we will consider adding in additional days.

  • When are future meetings?

    5-8PM: April 17th, May 15th, June 19th, July 17th, August 21st, September 25th, October 16th, November 20th, December 18th

  • What beers will be available each month?

    The varieties available will rotate each month. We will make an announce on social media and the Crate Club newsletter prior. We encourage you to follow both to stay informed.

  • Will Destination Local beers be included?

    We will occasionally hide “Easter Eggs” in the crates of specialty beers or will bring out a crate-full. These will be surprises, and you will have to be here at the right time!

  • Should I bring the bottles/cans back?

    If you do not have access to recycling, we would be happy to ensure your used bottles or cans are properly recycled.  If you have recycling, feel free to recycle them yourself.  If you bring them back, please know we cannot and will not be reusing the bottles.