Inbound Collaboration

On May 4th two brave members of the Milwaukee Brewing Company team, Head Brewer Robert Morton, and Lead Brewer Kurt Mayes, embarked on a mission of peace and solidarity to our many-laked neighbors to our west…..Minnesota. The mission was to Collaborate brew a very special batch of beer with the Inbound Brew Co. team of Jon Messier (Owner / Co-founder), Dennis Gertgen (Head Brewer), and Steve Snyder (Cellerman).

It was a beautiful spring day. The garage doors were open and the sun was shining. The teams gathered at the Inbound Brewery, shook hands for the first time, and had a beer to commemorate the partnership.

The beer was to be a special version of a Wheat Wine. A traditional Wheat Wine is a golden wheat ale with a nice warm 7-10% ABV. Wheat Wines generally do not have much hop character, and like their Barley based counterparts, are meant to be aged for a couple of months to mellow out. What made this particular Wheat Wine so unique was the addition of orange peel and coriander to the batch. Both teams had decided this would be a fun take on a traditional style…and it was.

As the brew day progressed, stories were told and a lasting friendship was established between these two brewing greats. If all goes well, the “ Wit Wine” will be ready to try this summer. In the meantime, it was agreed that the Inbound gang would visit Milwaukee in July, to brew an undisclosed of yet batch of beer at our world famous brewpub, The Milwaukee Ale House.


Brewer Bert

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