The crew discusses Weekend @ Louie's.

Weekend @ Louie’s

Beer Details
We took a batch of Louie’s Demise and added a bunch of Rishi’s Organic Blueberry Rooibos and Hibiscus Tea blends  to our secondary fermentation vessel. After two weeks of cold infusion we filtered out the tea, carbonated it.

Even though Great Uncle Louie has been dead and gone for 160 years, his spirit lives on through us. We try to imagine what a weekend with Louie might have been like and we create that experience with this herbal brew.

From the Brewer
In the fall of 2011 we created a sessionable version of our Louie’s Demise. We added Rishi’s Organic Blueberry Rooibos and Hibiscus Tea blends to our secondary fermentation vessels and after about 2 weeks of cold infusion we filtered out the tea and carbonated it.

During the initial brew, we get a lot of the caramel and earthy malt aromas that we expect from brewing Louie’s, The blueberry and hibiscus smells explode after fermentation, it was surprisinig how intese they were after such a short period of time. Working with nontraditional ingredients was really exciting, however we had no idea what the cold infusion would do to such a light flavored beer. With no benchmark, we just guessed on the quantities.

This is an unusal beer, but it’s perfect for a hot afternoon when you’re looking for something refreshing.

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