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This recipe was created by our Brewer Kurt. Along with 400 pounds of pumpkin and 300 sweet potato he used a variety of specialty malts to keep your taste buds on an adventurous ride with each sip. You’ll find the roasty flavors are well balanced with pumpkin which gives it a very smooth character. Kurt also added pumpkin spice to this Porter to give it that amazing aroma and finish.

Although Wisconsin is not known for Sasquatch sightings like the North West, we do have one very famous incident.

In October 1968 a group of six hunters were out near Deltox Marsh in Waupaca County, although they saw the creature from different view points, they all agreed, it was tall, muscular and covered in short dark brown hair. What stopped them from shooting was how human-like the creature seemed.

That same November, the group of hunters plus 6 more were hunting for deer near Deltox Marsh. Lined up for a deer drive, one saw the creature and one by one the dozen men came to a halt. When the creature ran back into the woods, the hunters waited for him to return to the marsh, but it did not.

From the Brewer
Sasquash started as a homebrew. I really wanted to create something that wasn’t like the other pumpkin beers on the market. Sasquash has a big, malty body that backs up all the spices.

This year we used about 700 pounds of pumpkin and sweet potato and adding them to the wort has to be my favorite part of this brew. Along with the obvious pumpkin smells, we’ll also get the cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg aromas from the spices. We added those spices because we really wanted it to taste like a pumpkin pie.

I love drinking this beer with spice cake, pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies.

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  • ABV - 5.0%
  • IBU - 12.5
  • Hops - Tettnang
  • Malts - Pale Ale, Special Roast, Victory, Honey, Chocolate
  • OG - 14.5º Plato
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