Full Bodied Beer

Single hopped with Centennial hops This pitch black stout is teaming with rich roasted malt and coffee flavors. The addition of milk sugar tames these intense flavors with a silky sweetness. A very easy drinking, full bodied beer.

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Built in 1962, the Allen-Bradley clock tower has become a Milwaukee landmark. Until recently, it was the largest four sided clock in the world, rising 280 feet in the air with each face having a diameter of 40 feet.

Located on Milwaukee’s south side, the clock tower quickly got the nickname “Polish Moon” because of the large Polish population in the neighborhood. With a bar on every corner, it was a fun place for neighbors and friends to get together and have impromptu parties.

From the Brewer

One of my favorite winter warmer beers, it’s also a fun beer to brew. First you get the super rich chocolate coffee aroma from all the dark malts. Then you add a couple hundred pound of sugar to the brew kettle, it’s almost like adding sweetener to a giant cup of coffee. What makes this a milk stout is the addition of milk sugar, or lactose sugar, to the wort. Yeast can’t eat this sugar so it remains behind after fermentation as a natural sweetener. Trying to get the balance between the milk sugar sweetness and the bitterness of the roasted malts is probably the trickiest part of this entire brew. We’ve been working on that balance for a couple of years now and I think we’re on the right track.

Beer Stats

Beer Stats
Stat Type Data
Type Seasonal Release
ABV 4.5%
IBU 21
Hops Tettnanger, Cascade
Malts 2 Row Barley, Caramel, Chocolate Wheat, Black
OG 14.5° Plato

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