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This medium bodied amber ale starts with a rich malt flourish that’s kept in perfect balance by a smooth hop finish. This MBC original is similar to a German style alt beer.

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Jim McCabe (owner and founder) started as a homebrewer, brewing beer with his original partner in a farmhouse in Cedarburg. On the wall was a picture from the 19th century of several men drinking from dimple glasses, every time they would drink they would toast to these men. After looking into it, they found out they were at a distant relative’s wake. That distant relative was Louie, they decided that all this time they had been toasting to Louie’s Demise.

The next question they asked was how did Great Great Uncle Louie die? Our friend Bruce was able to supply us with some of the answers we were looking for.

Sheboygan, 1886, Great Great Uncle Louie was cracked over the head with a glass and killed. For several years we speculated with our friends; why was Louie killed? Turns out, Louie had it coming, it was over a woman! He was picking a fight with another bar patron over his beautiful wife. After a scuffle moved outside, Louie was sent on his way bruised up. But, near closing time, he had returned. The fight escalated, and the man whacked Louie over his head with a glass. Legend has it, an onlooker pried the beer from Louie’s dying hands and toasted his lustful life.

After Bruce gave us the lowdown, he reluctantly told us it was his great great uncle that killed Louie.

From the Brewer

I have been brewing the Louie’s recipe for 15 years now. Brewing this beer is like wearing a favorite shirt or old hat; it’s reliable and comfortable. I look forward to the rich and complex malt aromas that are released during the mash, you might also catch some caramel and earthy notes. A portion of the malt bill is honey malt from Garnbrinus Malting Co. It adds that sour and honey aroma to the ale. Since the malt is really the highlight of this brew we kept it simple on the hops and the yeast. The yeast strain we use produces a subtle dried fruit flavor. We changed the yeast strain about 12 years ago to cut down on the BU’s and the malt bill has changed very slightly since we started brewing it.

Beer Stats

Beer Stats
Stat Type Data
Type Year Round Release
Style Amber Ale
ABV 5.5%
IBU 24
Hops Columbus, Perle, Tetnanger
Malts Two Row, Pale, Munich, Honey, Caramel, Roasted Barley
OG 13.5° Plato
TG 3° Plato

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