Unexpected Sweetness

Brewed with three different kinds of hops, this IPA is balanced by the oats added to the mash. The oats not only add an unexpected sweetness, but also a heavier mouthfeel.

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George Walker is a one of the first settlers to southeastern Wisconsin, considered one of the three founders of Milwaukee and a twice elected mayor of Milwaukee. He arrived in the area in the spring of 1834 and settled on a peninsula jutting out into the lowlands which eventually took the name of Walker’s Point, establishing a trading post there.

Described as a laid-back, fat and happy fellow — George is someone you’d want to hang out with and have a beer. He tipped the scales at 350 pounds and a contemporary described him as “the very personification of jollity and good humor.” Despite his girth, Walker was said to be the finest dancer in the territory and a skater of unusual grace — when the ice was thick enough.

From the Brewer

We’ve been developing the recipe for this IPA for over two years now. Every time I brew this beer I get excited for the spicy, citrus aroma thats released when the hops are added to the brew kettle. It’s almost overwhelming since there are around a pound and a half of hops per barrel. To round out all that hoppiness we use oats in the mash, it adds a little bit of sweetness but also creates a little bit of a heavier mouthfeel. Since there is so much interplay between the hops and the malt we didn’t want any of it to get muddled up with the yeast and fermentation process so we went with a standard yeast strain on this brew. If you’re looking to pair this beer up with something to eat, I recommend something on the spicier side.

Beer Stats

Beer Stats
Stat Type Data
Type Year Round Release
Style India Pale Ale
ABV 7.5%
IBU 51
Hops Columbus, Cascade, Mt. Hood, Bravo
Malts Pale, Munich, Caramel, Oats
OG 18.4° Plato
TG 4.0° Plato

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