Gin Barrel Aged O-Gii


Milwaukee Brewing Co. is excited to announce Gin O-Gii will now be available in 4-pack 12 oz. bottles, making this rare treat more drinkable than ever.

Hitting shelves on 4/14 Day (April 14th) this release will only be available ONCE this year so you don’t want to miss it! A limited number of cases will be available at the brewery and select retailers on April 14th.

About Gin O-Gii: Our unique Imperial Wit, O-Gii, infused with organic green tea and ginger gets a monster kick in the pants from aging in Rehorst Reserve Gin barrels from our friends at Great Lakes Distillery. These rare gin barrels with their rich botanicals of juniper, chamomile and orange compliment the already complex flavors in O-Gii. Hints of wood and vanilla round out the finish. Smooth, mellow and warming, this is a rare treat.

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