“Admiral” Stache

Beer Details
Milwaukee Brewing Co’s take on a classic European style. Baltic Porters are the stronger lager fermented cousin of the classic London Porter. The higher strength and cold fermentation help to create a smooth, less fruity porter, rich in roasted malt flavors and aromas. The “Admiral” Stache has a deep brown hue with a light caramel head. Toffee and milk chocolate dominate the flavor with subtle hints of dried fruit. One month of aging in Bourbon Barrels imparted a layer of vanilla and oak.

Before Jones Island was the Jones Island Milwaukee knows today, it was a Baltic fishing community. To give you a good picture, they used to say that there were only two things to do on the island, drink and fish, in the winter there was only one thing to do. The king of Jones Island was a man named Charles Plambeck, a self proclaimed admiral with the longest mustache in the world. The admiral was known for having great parties where his wife would make thousands of pounds of fish in one night. In his older age, he went by “pops” and told kids about the days when he saved many lives from drowning. We named our Baltic Porter for the king of Jones Island, and his legendary stache.

From the Brewer
We first developed this beer in 2007. Our first attempted batch of beer at the 2nd street location was a Baltic Porter. What we ended up with became known as “Shake Down Nut Brown”. You can guess what went wrong from there… But, so many things right! Every year that has gone by, the beer has gotten a little bit stronger, in flavor and alcohol.

We use a black malt for the dark rich color and an extra special malt for the dried fruit flavors. Baltic Porters are fermented cold with a lager yeast. That long slow maturation creates a smooth flavor profile. The anticipation of the bourbon barrel aging it the most exciting part of this brew process. We want that oak character with hints of bourbon, we use 3rd run barrels for this result. Each batch has been slightly different from the last.

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  • ABV - 7.0%
  • IBU - 23
  • Hops - Perle and Saaz
  • Malts - Barley, Munich, Chocolate Malt and Oats
  • OG - 17.2º Plato
  • Event pairing
    Fishing, drinking and fighting.
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“Admiral” Stache