What to Look for Now

New packages have been released and if you haven’t tried them you need to look for them now!

Hop Luck Pack
Hop Heads rejoice! Our new variety pack has 4 different IPAs x3. The Litta Bitta Session IPA, Pull Chain Pale Ale, Hop Happy IPA and the Hop Freak Double IPA. The Hop Luck pack can be found at most retail stores and is perfect for football games, family gatherings and tailgating.

New this year to our seasonal line up is Brutus, the generously hopped strong ale. At 8% ABV and an impressive 51 bitterness units (IBUs), this ale packs quite a punch. A ton of fresh hops and over a month of aging allowed this strong ale to mellow out and achieve a balance that younger beers of its size simply don?t have. Brutus is available on tap and in 6 packs.

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