January Brewery Updates

Major demolition has wrapped up and the second floor has been poured for the north office suites. The partition wall between the two-story open event space and the offices has been framed dividing the business side of the project from the entertainment side. The second floor restrooms, spa and exercise rooms have begun to take shape while HVAC, plumbing and electric continue to be roughed-in. Individual tenant suite areas will be ready for build-outs sometime around March.

Skylight canopy bracing is completed and ready for glass installation the 2nd week of January. The skylight canopy is low enough to allow views of downtown from the west bar area. The temporary wood
roof over the skylight’s opening will be removed when the skylight is completed to let natural light into the workspace and future event space. The rooftop bar canopy was installed just before the New Year and will be a great location for locals to dine and relax in warmer months. Twenty foot windows, spanning the floor to ceiling in the offices and brewery are completed, offering view of downtown and the adjacent historic Pabst brewery neighborhood. The west build-out and entrance has been framed and windows are being fabricated to complete the extensive exterior window package. The building will be fully enclosed by the end of January and crews will focus on restaurant and brewery.

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