Wisconsin Brewer’s Guild Ice Cold Brewfest!

The Wisconsin Beer Lovers Festival series is headed to Minocqua, WI on January 10th, 2015. Immerse yourself in one of our state’s true winter wonderlands. A premier all-Wisconsin craft beer and tasting festival featuring selections from…

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Louie’s Resurrection Wins Gold!


Louie’s Resurrection is gold! Seriously! Resurrection won gold this weekend at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beer. We couldn’t be happier. Hope you all enjoy!

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Resurrection Tappings

This batch of Louie’s is has been dialed up to 11. The Louie’s Demise uses a multitude of malts, which is amplified to create the bigger, stronger beer for the Resurrection and this year’s batch is our highest gravity version yet, reaching 10.5% ABV. Get your first sips at Benno’s or Two Bucks, who will both be tapping Louie’s Resurrection at 6pm on Friday, October 31st. Join them to keep the pint and prizes!

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Louie’s Resurrection


One of the perks of working at a brewery is getting a taste of what’s coming up before anyone else. Most recently we tasted this year’s batch of Louie’s Resurrection. We’re really excited about this versions

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Briess Barley Harvest

We feel so lucky to be only 80 miles from this world class malt operation. With everyone focused on the hop harvest this time of year, we’re taking a moment to celebrate barley that’s grown on American soil and malted in the great state of Wisconsin. Enjoy the beautiful barley footage.

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9 Steps to Beerdom

Beer Advocate Magazine interviews Jim McCabe. They discuss our company history and the beers that have made us great.

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What is Destination Local?

Some of the finest craft beers in the country can be found right here in the Midwest. “Buying Local” no longer means around the corner or across town. We want to take craft beer drinkers on a journey with different styles of beer by pushing the boundaries with barrel aging and utilizing unique blends of malts, hops and spice. The Destination Local series is a true artisanal approach to craft brewing. Small, hand- crafted, limited release batches where you can explore different styles without ever checking a bag or sitting in the dreaded middle seat.

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Litta Bitta Love!

Draft Magazine is sending some love to Litta Bitta. New to the 2014 seasonal line up, Litta Bitta was one of our favorite brews to sip at the end of a long day. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can expect it back in 2015! Check out the article.

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New Tanks

In 2 months we have added 4 new tanks to increase our capacity to up to 15,000 barrels annually. We want to thank everyone for their support. We love doing what we do and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

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Beer arrived in Minnesota earlier this week. Excited to give Minnesotans a taste of MKE!

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